Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Times when it really sucks to be single:

When you are in your second car accident in 10 months (to the day). Nobody's shoulder to cry on, nobody to coddle you.

The bad news: no witnesses who can say that the fireplacing moron ran a red light at the speed limit to hit me while I was trying to make a left turn on the green light. My dogs were in the car.

The good news: the dogs don't appear to be hurt, although they'll be seeing their chiropractor to make sure. The car accelerated when I asked, so the other driver hit behind the left rear wheel instead of in my door. The other good news is that I refrained from hitting or otherwise hurting the other driver and didn't even say too much nasty stuff to him. Not good to hit my car when my dogs are in it as I get pissed off. The ambulance techs were impressed that my blood pressure was good (124/palpable) when I was so angry

The question: at what point does one's insurance company decide to stop repairing the same car?

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jo(e) said...

Car accidents suck, but thank goodness that YOU are okay ....