Monday, March 24, 2008

Sleek Update

Sleek, fat and happy.

Sleek looks great and seems to feel great, too. I was letting her eat a bit more to give her some reserves for later in the game. Sleek took to increased meals with great gusto and a disturbingly greedy glint in her eyes. She put on reserves. She put reserves on her reserves and looked for more. I looked at my dog and saw, instead of a dog suffering from cancer, a beautiful blonde bloated tick on long skinny legs. I told Sleek she did not need reserves adequate for surviving a nuclear winter.

Now Sleek is on a diet. Sleek does not like being on a diet. Sleek polishes her bowl. She polishes Fluff's bowl. Despite being mostly deaf, Sleek hears any movement I make toward the refrigerator or a kitchen cabinet and comes at a dead run. She practices looking like a show dog to see if I'll toss some food to her. If that doesn't work, Sleek tries staring and drooling. Eventually she gives up and wanders off, muttering sotto voce comments on which one of us would look better in a bathing suit anyway and who really should cut back on her food. Gotta love living with a teenager!

All of these pictures were taken Saturday, when Sleek turned 13 years and 11 months old. I don't know why she is squinting.

Gratuitous Fluff shot (I pay my models in liver, and Fluff wanted payment badly)


Mrs. G. said...

Sleek looks fantastic, quite jolly in fact.

kabbage said...

Hmm, Mrs. G. You make Sleek sound like Santa Claus -- fat and jolly!

She loves being fat. At least she loves *getting* fat. My guess is that she will eat for about 3 days after she's dead. One day she'll be snarfing her food and pause to think, "Hey, I don't need this any more! I'm dead!" The big question is whether she'll actually stop eating at that point or finish the meal.

You know, cremation is going to wreak havoc with this scenario. Oops.

Cynthia Blue said...

Sleek looks great! She reminds me of my old shepherd mix, Kip, who died at 14... 8 years ago now. I still miss him. Always will.

Lindsay said...

Sleek is a very pretty girl. And she does not look her age!