Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Love is Everywhere*

*Allman Brothers Band "Revival" (http://www.last.fm/music/The+Allman+Brothers+Band/_/Revival to listen)

Okay, I'm starting to put one foot in front of the other to get myself out of this mental hole. I saw a psycologist last week, but I think he's more than I want to pay at this point since finances are one of my stressors, and told several friends that I think I need anti-depressants. This week I've admitted here that I'm in bad shape (THANK YOU, Mrs. G. for your comments over the months. I am grateful!), and made appointments with both my MD/ND and my previous counselor, whom I've not seen for about 3 months. I've also thought about what I didn't accomplish in counseling and my role in the process.

Sleek has been interesting in this. Over the past few days, she has shown some odd physical symptoms like poor digestion and a low amplitude, high frequency vibration in her body. She's looked rather stressed, which worries me because of her cancer. I also noticed the way her hair was lying down her spine was different, which usually means she needs a chiropractic adjustment. Those often help her digestion, too. Today I called the chiropractor's office and was able to get her in on short notice (always stay on good terms with the office staff!). The doc started to check in with her, then he turned to me and asked how I am doing. Because we're friends, I replied that I wasn't doing all that well, brain malfunction, etc. He asked if I would take a bottle of a particular supplement if he gave it to me. Turns out my beloved Sleek has been trying to give me energy to get my brain boosted enough to be functional, and that's why she's feeling a bit drained and lacking enough energy to properly digest her own food. She will get 2 per day of these tablets (and I will give Fluff the same amount because she's been a bit down lately, too) while I need 11 per day!

And I need to avoid all occasions of sin such as white flour, sugar, and starches. Yoiks!

We'll see what happens.


Mrs. G. said...

Way to be proactive! You deserve to be happy and at peace. We all do.

Lindsay said...

I hope you and your dogs are feeling better.