Sunday, January 20, 2008

Swimming Mantras 1-20-08

I am strong, fit, and flexible in body, mind, and heart.
I love and am loved. I live in a universe ruled by love.
I set goals and act to achieve them.

Lovely day in the pool. The mantras seemed to help me release worries about time, and I was still able to keep count of my lengths (previously my length # had been my mantra). I had the lane to myself, which is especially nice when I'm doing backstroke and elementary backstroke. My relaxed state led me to swim a little farther (further? not sure on those two when to use one and not the other -- comments welcome), so I did 36 lengths (1/2 mile) instead of stopping at 30. Had some nice conversation with women in the locker room -- nothing earth-shattering but a nice confirmation of mantra #2 above! -- and messed with the lifeguard's mind by thanking him for being there so I'd be allowed to swim. Perhaps it's not fair to hit a poor teenaged guy with something like that, but it was fun. The admission person at the front counter was pleased when I thanked her for being there.

Off to have a little experience with my little red vacuum cleaner!


Mrs. G. said...

I hesitate to mention how long it has been since I went swimming. At least ten years. Isn't that sad. I am too self conscious to put on a suit. I may need to borrow some of those affirmations.

kabbage said...

One of the benefits of being really near-sighted is that I cannot see people's faces when they see me in my bathing suit once I take off my glasses. I ignore any retching noises!

I also swim at a community pool which seems to have a pretty low population of "beautiful people" compared to what I fear I might find at a private club.