Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bits and Pieces

1. I felt deliciously ironic today when I walked to the Auto Licensing branch in order to get the car's tabs renewed.

2. I feel quite stupid at the moment to have no good idea where the new tabs are. I do know they are not on the car.

3. I love my neighbors who let me borrow their gas-powered mower when my grass is too long for the reel mower.

4. Back to irony. In February, when I thought Sleek was only going to last for another 2-3 months, I wrote down a bunch of stuff about what she has meant to me, brought into my life, etc. I also wrote down a bunch of stuff about what her decline and death might mean to me, and what I would gain and lose by her passing. One of the things I said I would gain was freedom from the tyranny of her reaction to fireworks. As the July 4 fireworks sales approach (June 28 is the first day), Sleek looks better than she did in February. Looks like I get to go through the fireworks with her one more time! We go Wednesday morning to talk to the vet about Xanax and Valium (for her, not for me). Pray for a cool week and especially a cool July 4 so we can shut the windows without suffocating.

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