Sunday, October 29, 2006

Memory Lane with Colors

A few nights ago I went to bed only to find damp bedclothes. I forgot to block off the bedroom door when I left the house without taking the dogs. Apparently Sleek can still get on the bed if she really wants to. I don't know if she takes the bed because it's a lot softer than the dog beds or if she feels comforted by being in a spot saturated with my scent (since I'm a poor housecleaner, the whole house ought to be pretty much saturated). Anyway, she took a nap there and had another bout of incontinence while she was up on the bed. I'm getting much better at not showing irritation when I can't go to bed because I have to change the sheets. Poor Sleek is not doing this deliberately, and she gets upset when I'm angry.

Unfortunately, Sleek nested on top of ALL the bedclothes, so all layers were damp. I didn't want to wait a couple of hours for things to be washed and dried, so I started scrounging for other blankets and such.

The new set of sheets are both current and classic -- red flannel, purchased a few years ago. Next came an afghan I crocheted in 1989. The colors on that one are classic 1980's -- dusty rose, colonial blue, and cream. I remember thinking when I chose the yarn that those were classic colors that I would always love. Guess again, Kabbage! The next layer was a 1998 purchase in Canada. I forgot a dog blanket on a trip and grabbed a Martha Stewart thermal blanket from the Canadian equivalent of Target. Another dusty blue color, probably due to limited color choices. Then I have a small throw with pictures of Australian shepherds woven into it. Last, but not least, another traveling and forgot a sheet for the bed purchase, a T-shirt knit sheet in dark green. I think it matched my 1994 Subaru. Yes, traveling with dogs leads to some weird odds and ends of bedding around the house. I also have a flannel bedspread purchased as a dog bed.

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