Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rolling down hills

Yesterday evening I took my dogs out for a walk at a local park. While there, I felt the urge to roll down a hill like I did when I was a little kid. First, may I suggest that should you get this urge, take your keys out of your pocket. I was smart enough to take my glasses off, but I forgot about the keys. Heck, the last time I rolled down a hill, I didn’t even have keys. They’re hard, and they poke in odd spots mid-roll.

The rolling felt great, but I was very dizzy at the bottom of the (not very big albeit fairly steep for its size) hill. I don’t think I could’ve gotten up and stayed up until at least 10 seconds after rolling.

Have I just forgotten that it was always this way?
Has my brain shrunk inside my head, leaving it more room to flop around and discombobulate while rolling?
Do I need to roll more to build up a tolerance for the dizziness?
Do you need to go try this for yourself and let me know your experiences with rolling down hills? Yes.

Fluffy tried to ignore the fact that I was lying on the ground, and Sleek took advantage of my lower height to wash my face.

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