Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I don't get Lasik surgery

I inherited the finest of eyes from my parents -- myopia from my father and astigmatism from my mother. Being an overachiever, though, I had to be sure my vision is worse than either of theirs. I *think* my eyes usually test around 20/400, at best. Off and on I've thought about laser surgery to see if I could improve my test scores. I've decided against it, though.

Sure, there's the usual question of "what if I ended up with halo or starburst effects?" but the real reason is more obtuse. With my current vision, once I take off my glasses, no one can see me. This means I can wear a bathing suit in public or roll down hills in public. I can't see anyone seeing me, so they can't see me. Simple, and effective.

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