Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blue Meat

You’ve heard of blue catsup and other travesties of food coloring, but you’ve probably not heard of blue meat. Today I found out how to get blue-colored meat. It’s an all-natural method, too!

Yesterday I cooked some meat and vegetables for the dogs. The special was pork and purple kale. I boiled these together and served up about half of it. The meat was the typical grayish color you would expect from boiled pork. The rest of the mixture went in the refrigerator, waiting for today’s canine breakfast time. When I pulled the food out of the refrigerator, I saw the pork had turned blue. Truly blue, although not blue catsup-blue. It’s an interesting color but not too appealing to me. Fortunately, animals that will eat cat poop or several-day-old roadkill are less picky about the color of their food. All the pork was quickly eaten. The kale itself is less popular and eaten under protest.

My guess is that chicken breasts would really end up blue but beef wouldn’t be all that colorful. Doesn’t homemade chicken noodle soup with blue lumps of chicken floating in it sound pretty cool?

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