Friday, December 22, 2006

Different Slice of Life

Right now I'm working at a department store as holiday help. I put the tried-but-not-bought boxes of women's shoes back in the store room. This job, my first hourly job in over 20 years, is an eye-opener. I know I've been sheltered from many things in my life, but this job helps expose me to people who've been much less sheltered.

One young woman came in to work all happy because a close friend of her family had been arrested. This meant, to her, that the friend would have a chance to get off meth, since a couple of months of jailtime were expected. The next day, however, the young woman was upset because the jail lacked a doctor. Apparently detox had begun and wasn't pretty. Another day, one of the sales associates was planning some surgery. Another associate asked her what pain killers she'd be getting because she had a potential market for them.

Today we started having holiday meltdowns with ugly language flying at probably audible to customer levels. Fortunately, none of it was directed at me. I just go in and start putting boxes away. When I'm caught up on boxes, I put display shoes back out (I am a little confused why the sales staff often sits around instead of putting shoes back out. Do they not realize they are less likely to get commissions if people don't buy shoes because they don't know the store has them?). When that's done, I take a small section of the stockroom and re-organize that. I pretty much see the job as a 4-hour nonaerobic exercise session. I don't talk much there.

I'm learning a good bit about myself. My house is very messy, and my cubicle, when I worked in one, was very messy, too. That was okay with me because those were/are my spaces and no one else had to live or work in them (we won't talk about using a messy house as a way to shut people out of one's life). Having the stockroom messy and/or disorganized bothers me. If multiple people need to use that space, then it should be set up to be organized so all can find what they need to find with the least amount of fuss. I suspect this is part of the caretaker part of my personality coming through. And that's probably due to environmental factors (aka "nurture") when i was a kid.


Joy said...

Hi Kabbage,

I finally got my DSL to work. Guess what the trouble was? (Well, besides the phone line going down and DSL going down first that was the problem)

The problem was I'd switched cords at the filter (where the DSL and phone line meet and plug into the wall). SOOOO, the trouble was a simple problem that I created. Oh well!

I've decided to take a break from blogger. No reason except that I really haven't missed posting. And at times when I could get on, I'd think of a post and change my mind. Maybe later I'll change my mind. I'm not going to close it down. Just not go for awhile. It just feels right to do. LoL Who knows if it'll last?

Joy said...

Okay, I take myself and blogspot way too seriously. In other words, as soon as you declare something, i.e. I'm not posting, the opposite effect will take place!

So, yes, I did post. LoL Oh well. We'll see what the future brings!