Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This is Sleek, at 12.5 years old. This picture makes her look heavier than she really is. I think she's one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen. Watching her move, in her prime, across an open field just took my breath away, no matter how often I watched her. Fluffy is the girl of my heart, but Sleek is beautiful to Fluffy's pretty.

Christmas Day will mark 8 years since Sleek came to live with Fluff and me. She's lived longer than either of her parents did, and at least two of her littermates are gone, too. I do hope we have another Christmas or two together after this one.


Joy said...

Your dogs do make me a bit jealous.

I really haven't the room for one. My apartment would be too small. I had a neighbor with a little dog that continually ran around his apartment. I don't think the family ever walked him, no wonder he was stir crazy.

I realize walking and paying attention helps but I just can't imagine a dog in these small quarters.

Do you live in apartment or house? (Just wishing someday I'll have an apartment (me, own a house, eek! Someday? LoL) big enough for a dog and me.

kabbage said...

Thanks. They really are far better dogs than I deserve.

The three of us have a house with a fenced backyard. For the most part, the dogs relieve themselves then hang out on the back steps waiting for me to let them in again, if I'm not out there with them. They really prefer me to be accessible, i.e., with no doors in between us. That can get a little old when the three of us are crowded in the bathroom, but they do understand that good dogs do not scratch at closed doors.

joy said...

...they do understand that good dogs do not scratch at closed doors.

Funny. :) You made me laugh, which is no small matter right now.