Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Sleek

On this day in 1998, my friend Xena came for dinner. She brought Sleek with her. I'd met Sleek a week earlier when Fluff and I went to see a rescue Aussie that Xena had. The Aussie wasn't a good fit for either Fluff or me, so Xena and I were sitting around the living room talking. She let Sleek in because it was cold outside and Sleek had been spayed a few days earlier. Fluff liked Sleek, even though Fluff doesn't normally like other girls. After a while, Xena asked me if I'd ever thought about owning a Malinois as she might be willing to place Sleek. We agreed to think it over and talk later in the week. Xena brought Sleek over on Christmas, and, since the girls still seemed to get along, we decided to see if Sleek would fit in long term. Nine years later, I think we can say this was a good fit!

Fluff is my heart dog, but Sleek is one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen, especially when she was younger and doing her own thing in a field.

Sleek in January, 2007, age 12.

Sleek had the most beautiful movement. She was breath-taking. She's still pretty, but arthritis has robbed her of some of her glide. January, 2007.

Sleek in January, 2003, watching another dog work sheep. 8 years old. This picture took me 4 years to get -- Sleek doesn't like cameras and usually puts her ears back when she sees one.

Sleek in joyous possession of a floating Kong. Probably 2003. Washington coast. Age 9.
Sleek and Fluff the year we traded in a septic system for a sewer connection. The side yard had to be put in the front yard to dig deep enough to have the pipe run the right direction.

Updated with Christmas 2007 photos. We were supposed to have rain today, but some of it is white.... Dogs were anxious to enjoy the snow rather than hold still in it, so pics are quick. Sleek is wearing a coat because she is trying to switch from being a sleek, blonde beauty to a sleek, bald beauty. Not bright in this climate, but arguing with a dog about its haircoat is pretty pointless. Now I just lecture, and she does her thing. Fluff looks okay in these pictures, but if we get serious snow she's going to look like a "before Clorax" ad.


Mrs. G. said...

Sleek has the most handsome of profiles. That picture of the two of them in the back hoe is precious.

Rusty said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Fluff and Sleek are beautiful dogs. It sounds like Sleek was a lucky pup to find a home with you and Fluff. That was a special Christmas present.

Dad used to have a malinois named Dollar who was a drug dog. Dad got him after his first drug dog, Ramsey, had to retire due to old age and health.