Monday, December 24, 2007

Pet Sitting at Christmas

Oy vey, it's already a long Christmas, and compared to more established sitters, I have a light load!

Get ready to do 5 visits this morning. Before leaving, find out my kitchen sink is almost completely stopped up. Why? Because I ran the freakin' garbage disposal is why. You know, the thing you use to speed up the sink? Murphy rules.

My usual plumbers (2 companies) neither answer the phone nor call back. They also do not mention on their voicemail that they will (apparently) not be working Christmas Eve. I'm guessing they're also not working Christmas Day.

Did I mention the sink full of dirty dishes? And the dirty crockpot on the countertop?

How about my need to take a hostess gift Christmas Day to the wonderful soul who is feeding me? And did I mention I had planned to take homemade spiced nuts as the gift? That aren't made yet. That will require some of the dirty dishes to be cleaned for the making? And again after the making?

I need a dogwalker for my own dogs. I walked them this morning, but it's after 5pm now and they're ready to go again. I'm ready to go, too. To bed. But I have to wash dishes in the bathtub and make spiced nuts. At this point, I'm a nut. Can I just rub spices into my skin and attend the dinner? Too bad this isn't the kind of crowd for that. Maybe the 2nd time I meet them, but not the first. Tacky on the first meeting.

Now Murphy is threatening this post. Whew! Successfully saved. More installments to come, but I am going to take a nap.

7pm update: one plumber has called back. No, he's not working today or tomorrow. Heck, he's not working the whole week. He said he will try to find a way we can work something out.

The clog is moving. I think it may be near the bathtub now because the drain was pretty slow when I was washing dishes there.

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Mrs. G. said...

Merry Christmas, you big nut! You could always just have the pups lick the dishes clean.