Monday, December 17, 2007

Too Bizarre...

....not to post.



Mrs. G. said...

I tried to take this test and got shunted to a dating site. But if I had to guess, I think I could take on 4.

They're fast little bastards.

kabbage said...

I'm very sorry about the weird linking. I have fixed it to get you to the real test. I dinked with some of the answers and figured out what it would take to handle 35 small children.

In reality, I would be handicapped by my lack of familiarity with 5-year-olds. I don't know their moves.

KCB said...

Five-year-olds flail a lot, unless they can get in close and bite. If that happens, you're hosed.

I took the test and it says I could take 18 of the little sprouts, but I don't know. And I hope I never have to find out.