Tuesday, December 04, 2007


You know you are blocking your emotions when, catching only the last 10 minutes, you tear up when, after Hermie removes the Bumble's teeth, the bumble and Yukon Cornelius fall over the edge into the ice ravine.

Name that TV special. When did it first air? How old was kabbage at the first airing?


Mrs. G. said...

You got me on this one. I'll be checking in to find out the answer. Have a good day, my dear.

kabbage said...

Shocked! Shocked I am! Then again, you said you try to avoid holiday stuff until mid-December, so you are off the hook for this one. This show is my absolute favorite Christmas special, and I sometimes invite myself over to friends' houses to watch it if I find out in time when it will be shown (I don't do TV at home).