Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Bits

  • Why is it easier for me to rub my dog's belly while simultaneously patting her head than it is for me to do this on myself? Took no extra effort at all, beyond trying to keep the dog in place while I laughed like a loon.

  • Computer joke: Jesus and the Devil are having a computer competition, with God as the judge. Jesus and the Devil do everything using MS Office. They write Word documents, they calculate everything they can think of using Excel, and then they present their results in PowerPoint. God is about to call Time when the power goes out and the room goes black. After a few minutes the power comes back on and the computers boot up. The Devil calls for a do-over since his computer shows nothing. God looks over at him and says there is no need for a do-over because Jesus saves.

  • In my pet sitting, I see houses of all ages, with room size somewhat inversely proportional to house age. The modern master suite tends to be quite large (my house lacks a master bath and walk-in closet in the master suite. In fact, the master suite appears to be a decently large bedroom with a non-walk-in closet). What I don't understand is why the master bath and the walk-in closet are contiguous. Don't the clothes get damp or dampish if people take long, luxurious showers or soak in the jetted tub? I've lived in cities where the towels couldn't dry between showers without artificial air circulation, and those towels tended to smell a bit nasty by the end of the week.

  • Why do pet owners not understand the connection between good food and their pets' health? I have clients who dearly love their pets and pay fortunes for surgery for them and then turn around and feed them nasty (albeit well-advertised) grocery store brands or vet-supplied brands where the first ingredient is corn (a major source of allergies for dogs and not exactly what one thinks of carnivores as eating regularly). Makes me want to scream.

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Mrs. G. said...

I don't have a master suite and it's a good thing. Because I take a hot steaming bath almost every night. And I stay in there a while. My clothes would start to mildew if they were close by.

The food thing? I don't know. We pay top dollar for our healthy food, but I consider it an investment in my kitty's health. I they have never been ill...knock on wood. But then I don't understand how so many people eat so much processed human food. Some of it is really disgusting.