Friday, November 02, 2007

Food Sensitivities

My women's group will be meeting at my house on Sunday. Have I cleaned? No, although I dusted the hideous light fixture in the eating end of the living room. I think it's a bad sign that the plastic meant-to-be-candle-looking bits are starting to flake apart when I dust.

The tricky part is food. For some silly reason I thought it would be easier for me to supply the food as well as the house this time. I still think this is correct, but this group is challenging in the food department. Fortunately one or two of the most dietarily-limited can't be there this month. While I will miss them, I'm glad I don't feel obligated to try to come up with a vegetarian, ideally vegan, meal when I am essentially carnivorous. I'm lactose-intolerant, although I eat cheese and use milk in cooking. Another is gluten-intolerant. I don't think anyone is diabetic. Somebody was unable to handle eggs. Nearly all of us could afford to lose weight. Take away meat, eggs, wheat, and dairy, and things get tough for the noncreative cook.

Oh well, that part will somehow come out okay. I was bummed when I realized barley has gluten, negating my great plan to use a soup mix. I now have to look to see if all the interesting varieties of rice, including wild rice, are gluten-free.

Meanwhile, poor Sleek apparently has a fungal invasion of her liver and has to be on a zero carb/sugar diet to try to starve the fungus while she's also on strong liver cleansers/tonics. Ha. She essentially can eat meat and green leafy vegetables. Guess who doesn't care much for green leafies (she seems to take after me in this regard, species or nurture for the formative years being no obstacle to taking on my characteristics in nearly 9 years living together). Fine. She'll be eating close to 2 lbs of meat a day to keep her weight up. It has to be good quality meat since we're trying to help her liver, not do it in.

Fluff is not amused at the thought of Sleek getting more/better food than she is (Sleek is bigger and less efficient at converting food to dog). She does like the idea that she gets all the grain-containing dog biscuits, though.

Maybe I'll have to see if I can make blue pork again. That was pretty interesting visually. I never tried to see if it would work with chicken, either. Simple technique. Boil pork with purple kale, probably for an hour or more. Leave them together and refrigerate overnight. Although the pork was the usual grey of boiled pork the night before, it truly looked blue in the morning. If it works for chicken, I think it would be very cool for someone (I have no human children) to serve their kids blue chicken noodle soup for lunch sometime.

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