Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Time Change

The evenings are much, much longer now. Thank heavens the weather has been beautiful this week so days are not truncated by clouds. Even with full blue sky it's pretty dang dark by 5:30pm. All of our stomachs are still not quite with the new program, so we want to eat early. I still need to adjust the living room light timer. It's now going off at 9:30, and that's too early for my taste.

I must get back to my knitting. I don't even know why I'm not knitting. I have one slipper pretty much knitted, except I want to change the cuff color. I'll have to rip back a bit to reclaim that yarn. I can't really finish slipper #1 until I do most of slipper #2 and figure out how much yarn I have of which colors. Even though I've never felted before, I felt the need to modify the pattern by dinking with the color scheme relative to the directions.

Knitting will also limit food intake. I use good yarn, usually wool, and don't want to get food crumbs or grease on it. I just made brownies with the old family recipe (which used to be on the Baker's Chocolate box forever) because the only chocolate in the house was unsweetened. Even now I felt the urge to lick the pan after melting the chocolate, but I'm growing up! I didn't do it! I guess the fifty thousand times I did it as a kid to much disappointment are finally teaching me something.


Mrs. G. said...

I love that Baker's recipe. I have been making it for over twenty years. I am knitting a little but I am guilty of snacking while I knit.

kabbage said...

mrs. g.: what have you found to eat that won't mark the yarn? Do share!